Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Random Car Wednesday: 1966 Plymouth Fury II

Many of the most desirable cars of yesteryear-the Hemi Mopars, Ferrari GTBs, and Rolls-Royce Phantoms-are still around, preserved in museums and private collections across the globe. They were coveted when new, and are even more so now. If you want real rarity, however, look at the cars nobody bothered to hold onto. The daily drivers and workhorses that, despite being built in huge quantities, have faded from existence altogether. Today's RCW is such a machine, a 1966 Plymouth Fury II sedan. Now, the Plymouth Fury models were structured in three tiers: Fury I, Fury II, and Fury III. The concept is similar to the hierarchy of the 150, 210, and Bel Air models offered by Chevrolet in the 1950's. The Fury I was the entry-level car, and was mostly a fleet car or taxi cab. The Fury III was the top-of-the-line model, offering the most luxury and the largest engines. In the middle was the easily-forgettable Fury II. It was better-appointed than the Fury I, but was a far cry from the opulence of a Fury III. Plenty were sold, but these cars were considered entirely average at the time, and so they went through countless owners before being reduced to scrap. This car, though, is a veritable time capsule. It still bears all of the original chrome, and the body is free of any glaring imperfections, such as the rust that plagued Mopars of this era. The signs of daily use are apparent, but everything appears to be intact. Even the original wheelcovers, which nowadays must be impossible to find, are still there. This is truly a survivor, and it also brings up an interesting question. Of the cars on sale today, which ones are destined to disappear altogether in a few decades time? It does make you wonder.

1966 Plymouth Fury II

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