Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Random Car Wednesday: Dodge M37

Today's RCW will be a bit short, but I've picked a particularly cool vehicle, and I've included extra pictures. This tarnished relic is a Dodge M37, a military vehicle produced for the U.S. forces in the 1950's. Like the similar Kaiser-Jeep M715 of the 1960's, many M37s were bought by fire departments after they finished their tour of duty. This old Dodge is apparently a veteran of the Peoria Fire Department, and it's seen some wear and tear. It would take a sizable amount of time to get this machine back in drivable condition, and parts aren't terribly common. All the same, this tired old truck really grabbed my attention. I love the M37, and this one in particular has a lot of character. Hopefully one day it gets back on the road.

Dodge M37

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