Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Random Car Wednesday: 1961 Ford Galaxie

It's official: I'm now living in Austin, Texas. Now, the number of car shows I get to attend will be slightly reduced, but the great thing about Austin is the number of unique vehicles just laying around. Today I caught glimpses of a Lincoln Continental, an early Ford Courier, an older Chevy pickup, and a purple Jeep Wagoneer. But for today's RCW, let's look at this super-cool 1961 Ford Galaxie. The Galaxie was Ford's top-level model, with the ultimate trim being the 500XL. Buyers could opt for any number of body styles, from a convertible to a station wagon. This car is a relatively plain Galaxie sedan, and it's showing some signs of age. There are little dings and scratches all over, and the paint quality is far from concours material. But this is somebody's everyday car, and it's a big, stylish, comfortable vehicle. It seems to have been lowered slightly, and the wheels may or may not be stock, but otherwise this is just as much of a utilitarian daily driver as it was in 1961. That's just cool.

1961 Ford Galaxie Sedan

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