Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Random Car Wednesday: Volkswagen T2 Bus

I was out of town last week, and as such missed Random Car Wednesday, but this week we're back and I thought I'd select one of the vehicles I saw on the road to be today's RCW. Feast your eyes on the ever-iconic Volkswagen Type 2 Bus. The T2 was the vehicle of choice for hippies, travelers, and Libyan terrorists, and it was built for quite some time. Production began in the late 1960's to replace the aging Type 1, and the T2 wasn't discontinued until 1979, when it was replaced by the Vanagon. The bread-loaf styling is simple but memorable, and the overall lack of complexity means that these are still relatively popular today. This one in particular appears to be a daily driver, its red and white paint faded by dirt and grime. The turn-signal indicators identify this as a later model, usually referred to as a T2b. I'm not sure of the exact year, but definitely mid-1970's. Regardless, it's a stout old machine that keeps on ticking, and thus a worthy candidate for RCW.

Volkswagen T2b Bus

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