Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Random Car Wednesday: 1962 Chevrolet II Nova 300

I have always been a bit on the fence when it comes to gassers. Some cars can pull off the look nicely. The 1941 Willys and 1955 Chevrolet are both popular cars to receive the gasser treatment, and they wear the look well. However, on some vehicles it just doesn't work so much. Thankfully, today's RCW is a great-looking gasser. What we have here is an early Chevy II, the predecessor to the very popular Nova. This particular Chevy is decked out with the gasser look, including the small bumper-mounted fuel cell, the tall stance, and the skinny front wheels. Fender badges indicate a 6-cylinder motor, but a look under the hood reveals a transplanted V8 powerplant, which should give this little coupe a bit more gusto. I personally like the stickers decorating the windows. It's a nice personal touch. All things considered, this classic Chevrolet is a very attractive little car, modified to be a potent performer. The gasser look either works or it doesn't, and this car definitely is part of the former, not the latter.

1962 Chevrolet II 300 Coupe

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