Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Ladies and gentleman, 2014 has arrived. I have high expectations for what this year has in store, but let's not get carried away. To celebrate the new year, here are some of the coolest machines we came across in 2013.

There were plenty of T-Buckets to admire in 2013, but this one seems like the purest example of the genre. Souped-up V8, side pipes, big tires and a slight forward rake. Beautiful.
 Out of the Model A category, this jaw-dropping roadster from LSRU is a unforgettable machine. You can tell that a lot of man hours went into this one, and the end result is just stunning.

The 1932 Ford Roadster is a car show favorite, but this one is a cut above the rest. The black paint is almost liquid, and that FirePower Hemi powerplant is icing on the cake.

Okay, this isn't a car, but how often do you get to see an Airacobra? This definitely deserves a spot on the list of 2013's best.

Saw this one en route to LSRU. Watching it storm down an on-ramp with black smoke pouring out of the stacks was love at first sight.

This is the prettiest "lead sled" era Mercury I've ever seen. The lines on this car are perfect.

In terms of style and sheer rarity, this Nash-Healey is a winner. It's also one of the most unique cars I saw in 2013.

Of all the tri-five Chevies, this one takes the crown for me. A plain-jane Bel Air wagon in two-door guise, the lines of the car and the color combination blow me away every time.

First Metropolitan I've seen in person. These truly are tiny little cars.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the scale, how can anyone turn up the 1959 Cadillac? Those fins are just enormous.

As far as pickup trucks go, this 1961 Apache is immaculate. Two-tone needs to make a comeback.

This old Dodge SUV is not something you see on a daily basis, and it seems to be decked out with all kinds of little custom touches to make it more practical.

Few cars will ever be as attractive as the Ferrari Lusso. This one is literally spotless.

The suicide-doored Continentals are such pretty cars, and this one is modified in just the right way.

CSX4000 series Shelby Cobra 427 S/C. You can hear this car from four states away.

Between the legendary reputation and spectacular engine note, the GT40 might just be perfect.

Impala SS 427. These big SS cars started to fade away in favor of Chevelles and Camaros, but the ones that exist sure are pretty.

Carroll Shelby passed away in 2013, but his legacy will live on through the incredible machines he created. Just look at this GT 350. Beautiful.

Rally lights and an LS swap? Sign me up. That's a Triumph I can get behind.

Custom Camaros are kind of cliché, but this one is so well done I have to make an exception. Very sinister.

Ford's answer to Trans-Am homologation rules, the Boss 302, is just plain cool. Those decals are retro in all the right ways.

This Roadrunner stood out, mostly because you don't see a whole lot of them around, and also because that is a whole lot of engine.

It's a Demon with a 440 Six-Pack swapped in. I have zero complaints to register here.

Whatever happened to all the old 1970s land-yacht wagons? This '71 Ford looks like a sweet ride.

This 1973 CHP Polara 440 was a huge highlight. It's nice to see a vintage cop car that survived the 1980's car chase movies.

Texas is not where you'd expect to find an Australian XC Falcon, but it can happen. The alligator leather interior might be my favorite part of all.

Okay, I'll admit. I love the Delorean. Stainless steel and gullwing doors are super cool. These weren't nearly as sporty as advertisements suggested, but that Giugiaro body is marvelous.

This is a case of modification done right. The Supra is one of Japan's most attractive cars, and this one has been slightly tuned with exceptional results. I heartily approve.

Probably the nicest car ever to be parked next to a Ford Expedition, a Porsche Carrera GT. Always wanted to see one of these in person. When the engineers at Porsche want to build a supercar, they really go all out.

Speaking of supercars, I've grown rather fond of the new Aventador. It's just the right amount of insane for an Italian speed machine.

Comparatively, the smooth looks of McLaren's MP4-12C are equally pleasing, and the sheer amount of innovation McLaren put into the car is both admirable and impressive.

2013 was a good year, and there were plenty of highlights, but I'd wager that 2014 will offer just as many good times and great cars. Maybe even more. Happy New Year!

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