Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cars and Coffee: First Meet of 2014

On the day of the first Cars and Coffee of 2014, the weather was good and the temperature pleasant. This combination of factors was primarily responsible for the tremendous turnout, which reportedly wound up being around 500 cars. There was a terrific mix of different car cultures on display, and everybody had a good time. Here are some of the vehicles that I personally enjoyed.

Right-hand-drive, because why not?

Can't be many of these still around nowadays.

Pushing the limits of the word "coupe" since 1955.

Lovely color combo on this one.

I miss stacked headlights.

Corvette 427. Utterly spotless.

I really like the single offset foglight. Very cool.

This one sounded healthy.

Yes, that IS a Boss 429. And yes, it sounded amazing.

GTO convertible. Nicely understated.

Among the most sinister-looking vehicles I've seen.

Almost too pretty to drive off-road. Almost.

I keep trying to imagine the type of person who buys one of these.

Stealth BMW. Note the headlight, or lack thereof.

Not many of these got built. Proper color for a Ferrari.

That BMW that James Bond drove. I wish these were more common.

Spoiler alert.

The Challenger is retro done right.

Ferrari outdid themselves designing the 458. Proportionally perfect.

1LE Camaro. Basically Chevy's Boss 302.

One of a handful of cars that can pull off a color like that.

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