Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Random Car Wednesday: Cadillac XLR

Welcome to another RCW on Shifting Gears. For this week, let's look at one of GM's recent sports cars: The Cadillac XLR. Meant to add some style to the Cadillac lineup, the XLR used the underpinnings of the Corvette, but had a much nicer interior and a design meant to fit in with Cadillac's other models. Further separating it from the Corvette was the folding metal roof, which allowed owners to have a coupe or convertible. The XLR used Cadillac's Northstar V8 powerplant, which sent an ample 320 horsepower to the rear wheels. Alternatively, buyers could order a XLR-V, which used a supercharged Northstar V8 and upped the horsepower to 443, a significant improvement. The V model also added larger 19-inch wheels and bigger brakes. This particular XLR, however, is a meager base model example, but it still looks quite attractive. The black paint adds a touch of formality and class, qualities a Cadillac should always have. If you want an American sports car, but the Corvette is a bit too brazen and loud for your tastes, then the sensible XLR may just be the car for you.

2005 Cadillac XLR

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