Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Random Car Wednesday: 2012 MINI Cooper S

Welcome to this week's RCW on Shifting Gears! For today I thought I'd show off a car I found in Fredericksburg, Texas, a few days ago: A 2012 MINI Cooper S. Possibly the most legendary hot hatch of all time, the Mini first came about in the 1960's being manufactured by a British marque called Austin. The little machine had a knack for competition, and blew the world away by winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964. It was also popular with celebrities, such as actor/racer Steve McQueen and musician George Harrison, both of whom owned classic Minis at one time or another. The Mini also had a starring role in the film The Italian Job. The old Mini was produced by various companies well into the 1990's until eventually being phased out of production. Shortly thereafter, BMW created the MINI brand and the new and improved Cooper. It's been a major hit and more models have been added in recent years, but this particular car featured today is a new Cooper S, the sportiest model of all. Looking good in a dark set of colors, this MINI is optioned with accessories like hood stripes and nicer wheels. This is the kind of car that puts the "hot" in "hot hatch."

2012 MINI Cooper S

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