Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Random Car Wednesday: 1965 Mercury Monterey

Although they went out of business a few years ago, Mercury had a long history of building very nice cars. More upscale than a common Ford, but not as opulent as a Lincoln, Mercury fulfilled the same role for Ford as Buick did for GM. Penultimate luxury, so to speak. For example, look at today's RCW, a 1965 Mercury Monterey. Based off of the Fairlane and Galaxie platforms, the Monterey was a big, luxury four-door that boasted comfort, quality, and style. The design incorporates what may be more right-angles than any other vehicle ever produced. Nevertheless, it actually looks good, in a jet-age kind of way. It's handsome in a way similar to the Lincoln Continental. This particular car has period-correct custom rims and a very green paint job. It makes for a unique look on an equally unique machine. There aren't a tremendous amount of these cars left, so to see one in good shape is an uncommon occurrence. This particular car was in the parking lot at LSRU this year.

1965 Mercury Monterey Sedan

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