Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Random Car Wednesday: Vixen 21 SE

Today we have something very special indeed. It's one of those oddball machines that, while not particularly incredible or noteworthy, is unique and interesting enough to merit some attention. In this case, rarity and oddity are the main attractions. Meet today's RCW, the 1989 Vixen 21 SE. If the name doesn't ring any bells, don't fret. Vixen was an RV manufacturer based in Pontiac, Michigan. They began production in 1986, but closed their doors for good in 1989. Their only model was the Vixen 21, a radical departure from conventional RVs. The strange design is wind tunnel-tested, and yields a drag coefficient of less than .30, something no other RV I'm aware of can claim. Furthermore, the low ride height gave the Vixen a low center of gravity, which gave it car-like handling. It could also fit in most garages like an ordinary car, so that it wasn't a burden when not in use. The powertrain was a BMW M21 turbo-diesel, and the company claimed the Vixen 21 could average 30 mpg and reach a top speed of 100 mph. Why a motorhome would ever need to travel so fast is beyond me, but it was used as a selling point all the same. There were three trim levels available: the TD, SE, and XC. This one, with its higher roof, is an SE model from 1989, the last year of production. The Vixen story was short and few remain intact today. In total, only 587 were ever produced, so seeing one in the wild is nothing short of incredible. It has a decidedly futuristic look about it, making it look like some sort of sci-fi movie prop. I was delighted to see this one in person and admire its quirkiness, and hopefully you enjoy it too.

1989 Vixen 21 SE

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  1. Beautiful looking vehicle, the Vixen RV was. I find it unforgivable that it was only on the market for 4 years before being discontinued. I can see it providing a comfortable way of travel across the country in a smaller, more manoeuvrable RV than what was available at the time. If it were available with a turbo diesel engine *and* automatic transmission, I believe more people would've bought it.