Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Random Car Wednesday: 1932 Ford Rat Rod

As this year's Lonestar Round-Up meet draws closer and closer, it's hard not to get excited. The turnout is shaping up to be incredible. Naturally, I've got hot rods on my mind lately, so today's RCW is this super cool 1932 Ford Rat Rod. The '32 Ford is a car culture icon, and among the most widely customizable vehicles in existence. This particular Ford is embracing the rat rod look, and I heartily approve. The convertible pickup bodystyle makes for a cool combination right off the bat, but the modifications present on this thing turn the heat up considerably. The engine bay is now occupied by a small-block Chevy V8, with an exhaust setup that seems to be focused on brevity more than anything else. There's a panel of gauges mounted in front of the windshield, and those "seats" look like a set of couch cushions to me. The grille has also been chopped to fit in place. It's a case of form following function. Factor in the cool black and red color scheme and you have the quintessential rat rod. It's incredibly loud, absurdly impractical, probably a bit uncomfortable, and I can't imagine fuel economy being a bragging point for the owner. The best part, though, is that's entirely the point. It's built to be wild and crazy, a radical departure from the realm of tranquility and common sense into the fray of excitement and loosely-controlled chaos. It's fun in the most uncivilized fashion, and that's admirable. In conclusion, this is a car that goes against the grain, and does the opposite of what you expect. It's a vehicle built for both motion and emotion. It's a hot rod.

1932 Ford Rat Rod

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