Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Random Car Wednesday: Crown Supercoach

School buses typically aren't considered cool. If you had to ride one, you probably agree. However, today's RCW may just be an exception. Feast your eyes on the Crown Supercoach. Used as school transportation across the U.S. for many years, the Supercoach is the quintessential classic bus. The Airstream-esque looks and basic functionality made this a popular vehicle with school systems and transit lines, and as such the Supercoach had a very long production run. How long? Well, this design was introduced in 1948, and was produced non-stop without any major visual changes up until 1991, when Crown went out of business. That's about on par with the Volkswagen Beetle! The Supercoach was offered with single or tandem rear axles, and the body was built from aluminum to avoid rusting. This particular example is one of the earlier models, identifiable by the windshield design. Later models lacked the triangular sections in order to give better visibility. This bus also has many other modifications. The grey and red color scheme lends a rat rod-style look to the vehicle, and the oversized VW logo plastered on the front is a nice touch. I'm not sure what purpose this bus serves these days, as it's clearly not a school bus anymore, but the fact that it's being driven around is great. This is the kind of thing you don't see very often, so kudos to whoever is keeping this bus on the road. I suppose you could say it's become "too cool for school."

Crown Supercoach

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