Sunday, November 17, 2013

Car Show Roundup

There have been several car shows since my computer died, and I took plenty of pictures. Consider this a sampler platter or a highlight reel. Enjoy!

"Discreet" and "T-Bucket" do not really mix.

Not a lot of these still around. It's a 1930 Packard, by the way.

Fenders? No. Fun? Yes.

Blue Ford pickup. VERY blue.

Old Ford trucks are easy to find. Old Chevy pickups, however, are another story.

Some very subtle modifications on this Merc.

It's green, but not in the silly hybrid kind of way.

Nash-Healey LeMans. Rare doesn't even begin to cover it.

Yeah, I'd say that's orange enough.

Rear tires of that size are always a good sign.

Daily-driver worthy Ford F-100.

First year for the Ranchero, 1957.

This car is probably nicer now than when it left the showroom in 1963.

Thunderbird in immaculate shape. One of my favorite bodystyles.

Even the replica Daytona Coupes are tough to find. This one's suitably mean.

1966 Cadillac. Walking one lap around this car actually qualifies as exercise.

Lovely little drop-top Camaro.

Very nice example of what color a convertible Mustang should be.

You could tell how blue this Ford is from three counties over.

*Insert Bullitt theme music here*

Powered by a modern LS motor. Sporty.

One of few non-SS Chevelles left in existence.

One of the most unique hood scoops to come out of the 1960's.

SS 454, the ultimate Chevelle.

Street legal, somehow. That's a 548 Hemi in there...

Nice to see some classic Mopar muscle.

I love these things. One of the coolest wagons ever made.

Nice wheel choice.


Black and yellow, kill a fellow.

A different kind of air-cooled.

This would probably look good in any color.

The lack of engine noise is kind of spooky.

SRT8 Cherokee. A good kind of oddball.

Turbo Porsche. Not too shabby.

First 1M Coupe I've seen. Neat little car.

Small car, big attitude.

More spaceship than car, really.

Dear BMW: It's not a coupe if there are 4 doors.

These things are absolutely terrific.

Rolls Royce Wraith. Fastback + Suicide Doors = Awesome.

Redesigned Camaro in 1LE spec. Looks angry.

New Corvette. Looks great, sounds better.

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