Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random Car Wednesday: 1966 Matra Djet

Welcome to today's RCW, for which I've chosen a very interesting vehicle indeed. Hailing from France, the Matra Djet is not a common car. It is, however, a very interesting car. The Djet first came about in 1962, and it had very sporting credentials. A fiberglass-bodied two-seater with the engine behind the seats was a perfect recipe for a proper sports car. Power came from a Renault inline, and a sportier Gordini-tuned variant was available as well. Due to the large price tag, the Djet never sold particularly well, and nowadays it's a rather obscure vehicle. This particular Djet is in good condition, and bears some resemblance to Abarth and Alpine sports cars of the same era. All in all, it's something you don't see everyday, and a lot of fun as well.

1966 Matra Djet

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