Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random Car Wednesday: 1979 Plymouth Arrow

It's time again for another Random Car Wednesday, and this particular vehicle is one of the most oddball RCW's yet. This little pickup started life as a 1979 Plymouth Arrow, Chrysler's answer to the Chevy LUV and Ford Courier minitrucks. Though heavily faded, the graphics on this one indicate it was a Plymouth Arrow Sport. The owner has made plenty of modifications, such as the lowered suspension, custom wheels and new grille. These trucks are fairly uncommon nowadays, so it's good to see one in good hands.

1979 Plymouth Arrow Sport

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  1. Would love to get ahold of the owner of this cool little truck I have been lucky enough to aquire a 79 arrow myself and would like to to obtain as much info as possible and the procedure to get mine in this condition