Saturday, March 31, 2012

Car Show Report- 3/31/12

It's a beautiful day in the Texas Hill Country, and there are classic cars everywhere you look. I got to attend TWO car shows today, each within a mile or two of the other. The first show was a local Cobra Owners get together, while the second was a proper car show. I took plenty of photos, and here are my personal favorites.

From the Cobra show is this stunning silver racing Cobra. The sound of this car was absolutely surreal. Whether or not this was a replica I don't know, I never got a chance to get close enough. The racing decals are a nice touch, and make this car stand out, as if a Cobra would ever blend in in the first place.

Another Cobra that caught my eye was this silver 427 model. It was clean and stylish, and also faithful to the original. The silver and black paint scheme is simple and understated, and accents the classic design of the car. This is a great example of what a Cobra should be.

Standing out against the sea of Cobras was this GT40, presumably a Superformance replica. At a mere 40 inches tall, this car is surprisingly tiny in person. The immediately recognizable Gulf racing paint job made this car all the more awesome. While fun to look at, I don't know if I could squeeze myself into this car on a daily basis.

And now for something completely different. Moving into the next car show now, we see a tastefully modified 1977 Ford F-100 pickup. The owner restored it from a barely intact junk heap to the machine you see here. It's been lowered, repainted, and repaired into a very good looking truck. This was a bit of an oddball, but not the only truck in attendance.

 For example, there was also this El Camino SS 396, which looked great. Modern wheels and a vinyl top set this apart from your typical daily driver. This bodystyle was based on the Chevelle, and came with just as much performance as its muscle car sibling. The V8 in this car was very clean indeed.

The 1932 Ford Coupe is possibly the most iconic hot rod in history, and no car show would be complete without at least one. This particular car is meant for performance, with a big powerplant and a very minimalist interior. The black paint and the red in the wheels really seal the deal for me on this car. Sometimes it's all in the details.

Now THIS is a nice car. You're looking at a 1966 Dodge Coronet 500 with a 426 Hemi. Early into the muscle car era, Dodge was offering the Hemi V8 on select models, such as this upscale Coronet. The massive engine takes up all of the engine compartment, and makes copious amounts of horsepower. A classy interior and an automatic transmission make this car drivable on a daily basis.

The 1970 Chevelle is practically synonymous with muscle cars. Considered by many to be the most attractive year for the Chevelle, this car is an SS 396 model. While not as desirable as a 454 model, the SS 396 Chevelle is no slouch. The white roof on this car really stands out, and matches the white stripes. This car is incredibly attractive, and very well-kept.

It certainly was good car show weather, and both events had very large turnouts. As summer rolls around, I hope to make it to as many shows as possible. That's all for today, though. Watch this space, as there's plenty of good stuff coming that you won't want to miss.

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