Saturday, December 10, 2011

Destroy More Cars

The world of online computer games is a vast world of time consuming adventures created to fight off boredom. There are games for the shooter, the racer, the strategist, the warrior, and everyone else. For car lovers, there are plenty of games to choose from, but most are boring and dreary. However, I've stumbled across a truly entertaining game every car lover should find amusing. It's called "Destroy More Cars" and it stands above its competitors.

The premise of the game is to launch your car off a ramp into other cars in a large arena. It's a simple formula. Choose your car and paintjob, and adjust the angle of the ramp. Then hit the gas and watch as chaos ensues! For a free internet game that requires no downloading, this is actually pretty fun. The cars are all parodies of real vehicles, so it can be fun to find your personal favorite. Let's look at the lineup.

1953 Isi Isetta
This may be one of the game's smallest cars, but don't be fooled. It can pack a serious punch if used right.

1961 Moni Copper
Another lightweight contender, the "Moni" is a nimble vehicle. It's unable to do as much damage as the bigger vehicles, but it makes up for that with its speed and acceleration.

1963 Curvy Tingray
The vintage "Tingray" is a very well-rounded sports car. It's American V8 is wrapped in a very iconic design that looks decidedly graceful, even in midair.

1963 London Taxi
The easily recognizable London Cab is a fairly sizable automobile. It's big and heavy, but not too slow. The acceleration is slow at first, but it comes around when you need it. This is really fun car to smash.

1963 Oston Merton BD5
The "BD5" is a very nice vehicle to see in a game, and this one is one of the better vehicles you'll unlock. It's quick, sporty and fast, but still big enough to do damage. Merton, Oston Merton.

1965 Wolksvagen Van
A solid contender, this classic van is stylish but tough enough to dish out some heavy hits. Plus it's available in hippie bus paint colors.

1969 Rodge Larger
 The "Rodge Larger" is, in theory, the perfect car to use. It's jumping skills are world renowned. As a muscle car, it's quick but heavy, giving you a good, well-rounded vehicle.

1972 Daytona Sprint
 The Daytona Sprint is a typical sprint car. Very light, and very fast. It doesn't do as much damage as the heavier vehicles, but it's still a good vehicle to use for those really big jumps.

1974 Fancia Startos
 The "Startos" is a purebred rally legend, being lightning fast and super lightweight. Get behind the wheel of this machine, and victory is practically guaranteed.

1979 Citrus DS
 The DS is one of the most dependable cars in the game. It's size allows it to deal out strong hits, but since it's an ambulance, it also has considerable speed as well. This is usually your best bet when you need to hit a lot of cars and take them all out.

1981 Leno 5 Turbo
 The "Leno" 5 Turbo is a compact car with a comparatively massive supply of horsepower. It's quick and light, but its size is its downfall. All in all, it still manages to be one of the game's better cars.

1981 Roycey Rolls Cornish
 The car names in this game are pure genius! Anyway, the "Roycey Rolls" is a heavy hitter, but isn't big enough to be slowed down by weight. This is a fairly well-balanced car.

1982 Dalareon DMC
 This has got to be my personal favorite, and for good reason. It's "lightning" fast, and delivers a massive punch to anything that stands in its way. The flame trails are another nice touch.

1982 Suki Jeep
 Based on the Suzuki Samurai, this SUV is aggresive and tough, but still relatively small. It serves as a very balanced vehicle to use. Don't worry, you can change the color if you're not big on pink.

1983 MBW N3
 The "N3" is a good beginner's car, along with the "Larger." Instead of brute force, this one has more speed, sending your car farther faster. It's not the toughest vehicle, but it gets the job done.

1987 Furore 40F
 Possibly the game's fastest car, the "40F" is essentially a rocket with four wheels. A side effect of that speed is the fact that you'll hit your target with the force of an artillery barrage. Sadly, sometimes you might wind up shooting over your target if you aren't careful.

1988 Ice-Cream Van
Based on a classic Bedford, the Ice-Cream Van is a strong hitter, but it's also slow. If you can get it airborne, you have a decent chance at winning.

1992 Dumb V
 The "Dumb V" is a strong vehicle. It's brute force will decimate opponents, and it has enough performance to be usable. Not the fastest or strongest, but consistently effective.

2007 Horshe Canneye
 Lastly, we have the "Horshe" SUV. It's big and heavy, but with a lot of horsepower. This is a great choice of vehicle for any demolition-based needs you may have.

Intrigued? If you feel like giving this a go, click here. All pictures are courtesy of Now go Destroy More Cars!

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